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  • Version: 4.0.2

Create an enhanced RAW file preview very quickly

Raw Right Away is used by people who have many RAW files on their computer and wish to see them quickly without waiting for their image-viewer to process the image. It doesn't show a full version of the RAW file, but instead shows a very good preview.

A fast and efficient time saver

Raw Right Away cuts the amount of time it takes you to sort through your RAW files. People who use RAW files may be tired of waiting for a full version of their image to present itself, only to find out it was a blurry or unnecessary photo that needs deleting. With Raw Right Away, an enhanced preview quickly pops up, which allows the user to sort through hundreds of photos far quicker than he or she would otherwise be able. The previewer allows you to select and preview these files: Sony Raw (.ARW), Nikon Raw (.NEF), Canon Raw 2 (.CR2) and it works with JPEG files too. The app also shows you a graphical summary of exposure settings and the photo meta data.

A brilliant piece of time-saving software

Raw Right Away may seem like a waste of money because you can look at your RAW files right now, but people who use RAW files usually have a great many that they have to sort through in order to find the ones they wish to use, and the Raw Right Away app helps make that process highly efficient. Once you find the images you want, you can close the app and open your chosen images with the editor of your choice.


  • A genuinely fast RAW file previewer
  • Lightweight and simple to use


  • Only a time-saver for people with professional cameras
  • Meta data is not available for all cameras

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Raw Right Away


Raw Right Away 4.0.2 for Mac

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